More than 25 years MNS LTD. has an experience of equipment of the vessels the advanced multy-beam echo sounders and survey equipment. During these years our equipment was installed on more than 30 ships and boats belong to different owners.

The scope of work in the supply of equipment includes its integration and adjunction with ship systems, installation, design and software development, commissioning, guaranty and post-guarantee support.

MNS has developed and follows a proven systematic way to solve the task of equipping ships, presented in the diagram.

The base of survey complex, developed by MNS LTD., is the modern multi-beam echo-sounder (MBES). MBES is able to measure the intensity of echo signal and can build up on this information acoustic coordinate- oriented continuous raster image of the bottom, which make possible visual detection of natural and artificial objects.

Additionally MNS LTD. supplies bottom profilers (PFL). PFL low-frequency signal allows determine stratification and character of the bottom sediments.

MBES and PFL may functionally conjunct with navigational and other on-board measure systems into all-in-package hardware and software survey complex.

The complex of navigation-survey hydro-acoustic equipment designed by MNS LTD. consists of MBES “SeaBat 7150B” and “SeaBat 7111”, PFL «ECHOES 3500-3, satellite inertia navigation system “Applanix MV2”, navigation hydro-acoustic system (NHS) “POSIDONIA”, sound velocity probe SVP 70 and miniSVP and accessory kit.

Preliminary and final processing of the survey is made by special software. It allows to display 3D model of the bottom in the real-time and to determine objects and areas which demands additional detailed survey.

MNS LTD.’s experience of the equipping of the ships by the survey equipment shows that modern multi-beam echo-sounder and bottom profilers perform high efficiency in the bottom survey and allow to obtain quality information with high probability and accuracy to determine nautical dangers in details, characteristics of the bottom and sediment stratification. Special software allows to identify online different submerged objects, remark and survey them in time.

The full version of the article “MNS LTD.: the experience of the equip of ships by the survey equipment” published in the magazine “Morskoy Vestnik” №1 (73), 2020.