Project Description

Integrated bridge systems (IBS)

One of the important activity directions of MNS LTD is development and supply of Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS).
Understanding the use direction availability of IBS in the fleets, our company designs, produces and installs such systems practically from the moment of taking of service standards for Integrated Bridge Systems by International Maritime Organization (IMO) (Resolutions 64, 67) in 1996.
For the last ten years we gained large experience on execution of full cycle of such works: from participation in design and agreement of technical specification for system before manufacturing, tests and supply IBS to Customer. Such systems were installed by our specialists on 100 different vessels and they meet the requirements of different classification societies such as RMRS,  as well as requirements of Russian National Standards (GOST).

IBS installation of Bridge allows providing qualitative new ship control due to of the following features:

  • Optimization of nomenclature and number of instrumental equipment located on Bridge;
  • Information submitting to the crew of Bridge in a complex form (on multifunction display), human-friendly interface;
  • Providing of navigation safety through automatic navigation dangers evaluation in navigation area, giving warning signals in dangers occurrence in selected guard zone;
  • Information representation on emergency situation on the ship;
  • Information display on short-range maritime situation;
  • Control providing by separate ship systems;
  • Providing of different types of internal and external communications (GGS, BTS, KATS, GMDSS, VPS-M);
  • Improvement of whole bridge design;
  • Improvement of crew convenience, work.

Type structure of IBS:

  • Monolithic control panel on shock-absorber frame consisting of unified panel consoles;
  • Controls, indication facilities and graphic information displays (multifunction displays);
  • Broadcasting display unit (electronic board of navigation data);
  • Local data exchange system;
  • Computing facilities;
  • Power-supply system including uninterrupted supply unit;
  • Terminal facilities of ship complexes and systems built into panel consoles;
  • Set of spare parts;
  • Set of maintenance documentation.

IBS is coupled with different ship’s systems by software and hardware:

  • Navigation radar stations;
  • Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA);
  • Navigation complex or navigation devices;
  • Electronic navigation and information system;
  • Sonars;
  • Hydro-meteo-stations;
  • Automated communication system;
  • Intercom and Broadcasting System;
  • Sound Powered Telephone System;
  • Ship’s automatic telephone exchang;
  • Motion control system;
  • Composite control system of technical facilities (CCS TF);
  • System of emergency engine telegraphs;
  • Optoelectronic sights;
  • Capstan;
  • Light and sound facilities of maneuvering signals;
  • Navigation lights;
  • Exterior lighting electrical networks;
  • Degausser;
  • Emergency and calling signaling, siren;
  • Bridge porthole wipers and heaters.

IBS displays information:

  • Primary and secondary radar information;
  • ARPA information;
  • Navigation data (time, coordinates with accuracy evaluation, course, head line, speed, depth under keel, rolling and pitch data);
  • Electronic navigation chart with ship’s trail;
  • Television picture of entourage and ship’s internal rooms;
  • Primary and secondary information of short-range underwater situation from sonar;
  • Hydro meteorological data;
  • Condition of main engines and auxiliary facilities;
  • Deployed anchor chain length;
  • Condition of navigation lights;
  • Alarm (fire, about ingress of water, intruder);
  • Indication of degausser operation.

IBS designed by MNS LTD has high integration level. Systems were made with use of unified constructive and design decisions, own computing facilities and local data exchange system that provides:

  • IBS coupling with order systems;
  • messages of different formats to IBS data inner format conversion, as well as conversion from IBS data inner format to formats of the order technical facilities;
  • information processing;
  • information display on monitors of work stations (WS).


In IBS of its own design MNS LTD manufactures large quantity of components on its own production base – from IBS consol housings to separate units, and also it develops origin software. Works for IBS are carried out in close cooperation with design bureau – ships’ designers, scientific organizations, and also with other enterprises and organizations. Wide possibilities for modification were put into designed IBS. Use of unified consoles in IBS control panel construction provides adaptation of IBS to Bridges of different ships. IBS software is constructed by modular approach and developed with allowance for its further modernization. Structure of solved tasks can be extended. IBS software is configured in accordance with TS associating IBS with concrete ship.

IBS creation is not only physical integration of numerous hardware, sensors, software in singe control panel. The basic principles of IBS construction are functional integration allowing officials to carry out tasks at working stations made specially.

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