Making the inapproachability possible

MARINE BRIDGE & NAVIGATION SYSTEMS Ltd. is a developer and manufacturer of marine equipment and automation systems for the maritime industry. At the frontline of the surging market of marine engineering the company develops and builds up multi-attribute projects to equip ships and vessels, oil platforms and onshore facilities with modern smart equipment, making the inapproachability possible.

The joint Soviet-Norwegian venture for research and production of hardware and software for the systems of the special purposes CJSC MARINE BRIDGE & NAVIGATION SYSTEMS (MNS) was established in 1991. The first founders were – the Norwegian company Norcontrol (Norcontrol Kongsberg), a leading developer and manufacturer of integrated solutions for marine industry, and the Soviet enterprises NPO RAWENSTVO and AZIMUT, NTPO LENELEKTRONMASH, VO Morsvyazsputnik and Central Marine Research and Design Institute (CNIIMF). On April 25, 1991, in Horten, Norway, the parties signed the constituent documents. The starting point and the beginning of the implementation of lofty agenda was June 3, 1991, the date of state registration of CJSC MNS in the Mayor’s Office of St. Petersburg.

The authorized capital of the joint venture was RUB 2,800,000, which was equivalent to NOK 10,000,000.
The main activity of the company was implemented in several directions at once: organization of serial production, sales and service of integrated navigation systems, VTS, as well as information technologies and the software products based on Norcontrol and Soviet developments and technologies in the field of marine and other engineering. In those days near 30 young highly qualified specialists with experience in domestic and foreign shipyards were employed at the company. By 1995 MNS had become an enterprise with a turnover of millions. The founding members were changed and the enterprise became completely Russian.
The basis of the strategic concept of the company’s development was the release of competitive products in the field of marine navigation, radio communication and automation and its successful implementation with the service of the total technological cycle. Scientific research, design, development of special software, manufacturing, product integration, installation and commissioning, mooring and sea trials, including revision and mandatory warranty and post-warranty service, are carried out taking under the specifics of customers’ requirements.
The company has entered successfully to the international market. Ambitious projects have been implemented for Germany, Norway, India, Greece, Cyprus, Ukraine, Estonia and other countries.

Since 1996, after the adoption by the International Maritime Organization (IMO Resolution 64,67) of standards for integrated bridge systems (IBS), MNS Ltd. designs, manufactures and installs IBS (Russian patent No. 2453909) on commercial and civil vessels, as well as on the ships of special purpose. This modern conning station made under the requirements of biotechnology, where the monitor of the IBS displays all the information of the vessel’s control system, communication, navigation, clarification of the situation, indication, alarm and light systems. IBS consists of basic unites and is completed at the request of the customer. The IBS software is built on a modular basis and is developed for the possibility of its subsequent modernization. MNS integrated bridge systems satisfy the requirements of classification societies and have rightfully in demand among shipowners. More than 200 completes have been delivered to customers over the past decade.

In 1999 company started to equip the vessels by ship’s automation, main switchboards and switchgears based on the own hard and software. This equipment is used for the manufacture of automation systems. First of all, these are microprocessor-based modular kits. The control and management systems for various ships’ technical purposes are developed on this base. The software is protected by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property Certificates.
Since 2000, the “System of machine telegraphs and propeller drive shaft tachometers” (Patent №131695) has been manufacturing produced. This product is meant for transmitting commands to change the speed of the ship and feedback of their acceptance, indication the frequency and direction of rotation of the propeller shafts on the display devices. More than 70 systems were delivered to customers (including for export) from 2000 to 2021.
In 2000, MNS designs and in delivers to the customers the ECDIS. The combination of multifunctionality with intuitive interface makes the system easy to use. The product is designed in accordance with the requirements of the SOLAS Convention, IMO Resolutions and Circulars, IEC Standards and is able to satisfy any requests and requirements of a professional skipper.
Since 2002 MNS has been developing and producing marine simulators for professional training of skippers, navigators and other specialists. Simulators are series manufacturing and supplying to Marine Universities, Colleges and training centers.
In 2007, the specialists of the company began to develop an autonomous mobile device for navigators on the basis of ECDIS. The device can be used in automation systems, ECDIS and navigation.

Hydro meteorological automated complexes are produced by the company since 2008. It can make different measurements and observations of the weather and the sea surface and take important place in ensuring the safety navigation.
Since middle of decade 2000 MNS has been involved in projects for the development of multifunctional complex for underwater vehicles of various classes and purposes. The experience in the constructing of mobile control stations for underwater activity is in demand for the development and producing of different underwater vehicles. The developers of MNS are paid a special attention to underwater robotic systems designed for work in the oceans. The company’s competencies in this area are constantly expanding.

As part of localization the MNS-ARGOS television surveillance system was developed and mass-produced by MNS LTD since 2015. The system has RMRS Type Approval and fully complies with the technical regulations of the Russian and Customs Union requirements for the technical means and transport safety.

In 2016 within the framework of import substitution the company engineered electric ship typhon TES-75under the requirements of the MPPSS-72 for ships and vessels 75 – 200 meters length. In 2018 – electric ship typhon TES-20 for ships and vessels 20 – 75meters length. In 2020 – electric marine typhon “TES-200” for the vessels with a length of 200 meters or over.
In 2018 a marine computer for a wide range of tasks including the collection, processing and presentation of information was developed. The device can be used in automation systems, electronic cartography, and navigation. Now it is unique ships sound-signaling device this class in Russian Federation.

Besides as part of import substitution and localization in 2019 the company began to develop systems of active corrosion protection and anti-fouling of the shaft group and round aft of vessels. The same development is arranged for the systems of protecting heat exchangers from biological fouling.
In the same year together with partner MNS Ltd. approach to develop prototype of the electronic navigation sextant. The classic sextant is supplemented with electronic sensors for the measurement of celestial angle and an electronic computing unit for calculation of coordinates and their automatic transmission directly to the ECDIS or another customer. Along with the standard functions, the MNS system containing sidereal map of the navigation area and not only displays the position calculated from the electronic navigation sextant, but also support the navigator with the opportunity to select nautical stars according to the optimal azimuths and celestial altitude before starting measurements.

The own innovative development of MNS LTD seven-degree-of-freedom deep-sea manipulator for medium and heavy class ROV was unveiled at the 16th International Exhibition and Conference on Civil Shipbuilding, Shipping, Port Activities, Ocean and Shelf Development “NEVA-21”.
Another important direction of the activity is engineering services of integrated security for the enterprises of the onshore, offshore and port infrastructure of the oil and gas industry. All this products have specific certificates and meet the most stringent requirements for production and environmental conditions. MNS Ltd. has successfully work with the companies LUKOIL-Arctic-Tanker, LUKOIL-Kaliningradmorneft, LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft, Sakhalin Energy Investment Company, GAZPROM Flot, MRTS-Zapad, ROSMORPORT, SOVKOMFLOT, Russian Ministry of Emergency, Sevmorneftegaz, Parker Drilling, Svitzer Wijsmuller, LindaLine Express, PRISCO, Norilsk Nickel, Odfjell and others.
Konstantin A. Smirnov helms the MNS Ltd. since 2007. Under his leadership the research, engineering and marketing policy drove the company to expanding its activity and increase portfolio of orders necessitated the modernization of working area. In 2010, the company acquired a production site at nearest suburb, equipping it with modern machinery.
For high professionalism and significant contribution to the development of Russian shipbuilding, MNS Ltd. was repeatedly awarded with Diplomas and certificates of the Governor and the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, the Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovations of the city, the Administrations of the Kirovsky and Vasileostrovsky districts of the Northern capital.

The company’s Research and Technology Council study the results of the most important research and development works and gives recommendations for their implementation. Dozens of procedures have been developed and some of them were certified. Technical solutions are protected by patents. 25 certificates of state registration of programs have been successfully implemented in special software used in the products of MNS. For outstanding achievements and significant contribution in the field of breakthrough technologies and the development of modern samples of equipment the design teams of MNS Ltd. twice (in 2014 and 2018) were awarded state grants from the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Konstantin Smirnov Managing Director of MNS Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of HONORED DESIGNER OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION for design activity and many years of conscientious work (Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of August 21, 2020).
The company closely cooperates with Russian research institutes and major design bureaus: LAZURIT Central Design Bureau, BALTSUDOPROEKT Central Design Bureau, SEVERNOYE DB, Zelenodolsk DB, ICEBERG Central Design Bureau, ALMAZ Central Design Bureau, Nevskoe DB, DB MALAKHIT, RUBIN Central Design Bureau, DB VYMPEL and other well-known designers.
The company carefully studies and adopts the best foreign experience and implements it in design and engineering solutions. Among the partners of MNS Ltd. are famous world leaders: Teledyne RESON A / S (Denmark), Autronica Fire and Security (Norway), Zenitel Norway AS (Norway), CRRC Corporation Ltd (China), Tianjin Haoye Technologies Co., Ltd (China), VVLai Shandong Future Robot Co., Ltd (China), DECK Engineering OÜ (Estonia), Switch Electric OÜ (Estonia), SEA Engineering Agency OÜ (Estonia), Vaisala (Finland), Sea & Sun Technology GmbH (Germany), Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), Cassens & Plath GmbH, (Germany), FPM Holding GmbH (Germany), HENSOLDT Kelvin Hughes (Germany), ZÖLLNER Signal GmbH (Germany), Enrico Polipodio (Italy), GEM Elettronica S.R.L. (Italy), Parosha International BV (The Netherlands), MERIT LILIN ENT, CO., LTD (Taiwan), Cathelco Ltd (UK), Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd (SMD) (UK), Schneider Electric (Russia), FURUNO Eurus LLC(Russia), and others.

The quality management system is fully functional under the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015. The products of the company are certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and the Russian River Register.
MNS Ltd. is a regular participant of Russian and international specialized exhibitions and salons, such as one of the world’s ten largest maritime industry fairs “NEVA” (St. Petersburg) – since 2001, SMM, MAST, “OIL & GAS”, MIOGE and others.

During the decades of sustainable work there were no changes neither the name of the company, nor the course taken by its management to ensure quality work. And as a results – solid reputation for the company.
Today MNS Ltd. is an enterprise with strong traditions.
The names of the best employees are included in the Agenda Book of the Company. The company has approved a Commemorative sign with the company logo, which is awarded to employees who have continuously worked for five, ten, fifteen, twenty and twenty-five years in the company. Social and economic rights are fully guaranteed in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation – to paid leave, motherhood, education, medical care, health and safety, etc.
Thanks to cooperation with the best Universities in St. Petersburg young specialists have the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience in the modern enterprise and continue working in their specialty in the company.
Employees’ enthusiasm for sports and their desire for a healthy lifestyle are actively supported by the company. During 2020 and 2021 forty nine employees of the Company aged 20 to 69 carried on the GTO sports standards. MNS sports teams in futsal, beach volleyball, table tennis and chess have won the Certificates and medals and the main trophy – the Bronze Horseman Cup 2020.
The flag of MNS is now flies on the high-mountain pass Katu-Yaryk in the Altai. It was hoisted there by IT engineer Dmitry Popov in summer 2020. He devoted 800 km bike ride through the inaccessible mountainous terrain to the comming company’s anniversary.

The company employs wonderful people with their hearts and souls attached to their difficult and responsible work, devoted to the profession, giving it their ample experience, knowledge and strength.
The company employs highly qualified and skill specialists with academic degrees and titles, laureates of state, regional and departmental awards and prizes, members of authoritative and respected public organizations such as the Hydrographic Society, St. Petersburg Marine Assembly and others.

The staff of MARINE BRIDGE & NAVIGATION SYSTEMS LTD was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Governor of St. Petersburg for a great contribution to the development of the shipbuilding industry and in connection with the 30th anniversary of the founding of the company. As a sign of special merit, on June 03, 2021the City granted the company the honorable right to make the traditional midday shot from the cannon of the Peter and Paul Fortress.
A major achievement was the victory of MNS in the competition of the Government of St. Petersburg “For the quality of goods, works and services.”

MARINE BRIDGE & NAVIGATION SYSTEMS Ltd. is a well-known brand in Russia and abroad with rightful place among domestic engineering companies.