Provision and Display of Manoeuvring Information on board ships

The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS 74), provides for the ship information of manoeuvring elements (Reg.28 , Chapter II -1). Amount of information on the maneuvering characteristics of the vessel is determined, first of all, by International Maritime Organization, Resolution A.601 (15) , adopted on 19 November 1987. In accordance with this resolution , as well as a circular letter of the Maritime Safety Committee MSC/Circ.1053 of 5 December 2002, the maneuvering of the vessel shall be evaluated on the characteristics which were obtained during sea-trials and were confirmed by computer calculations.


MARINE BRIDGE AND NAVIGATION SYSTEMS LTD is well established as a reliable executor for definition of manoeuvring and speed characteristics of different types of  ships. More than sixty tests were done  by specialists of «MNS» over the previous years.

For example, we carried out manoeuvring tests and registration of manoeuvring characteristics on the following vessels :

Ice-breaker «Moskva», ice-breaker «Sankt-Peterburg». Displacement – 14300 t. Customer JSC «Baltiysky Zavod»,St.Petersburg

Coast Guard vessel «Krasnodarets». Displacement – 375 t. Customer JSC “Shipbuilding Company «Almaz». St.Petersburg

mv «Gennady Kozhukhov». Displacement – 36,5 t. Customer «Nobel Shipyard» Ltd.,Rybinsk

Arctic tanker «Mikhail Ulyanov». Displacement – 70000 t. Customer JSC «Admiralteiskie Verfi»,St.Petersburg

Salvage ship «Spasatel Karev». Displacement – 3635 t. Customer «Nevsky Shipbuilding-Shiprepair Plant», Shliesselburg

Works for definition of manoeuvring and speed characteristics include several stages:

    • Mathematical simulation of ship movement on base of design and fact data of vessel provided by Shipyard ( as a Customer ).
    • During the sea trials, determined speed qualities, characteristics of inertia during acceleration and braking , reversing elements, maneuvring elements (stability on the course , the initial turning ability / ability to change the course, information about yawing , the ability of the vessel to steady the course during turning circle). Alarm “Man Overboard” , the definition of the elements of maneuvers : ” maneuver with turn for 240 deg. (maneuver Scharnow turn)”, ” Maneuver to turn 60 degrees. , with further access to a reciprocal course (maneuver Williamson turn).
    • The experimental data and the production of several maneuvering characteristics of the vessel ( ship) calculated using a mathematical model of the controlled motion of the ship, developed by JSC ” MNS .” Identify the results of simulation and data collected during sea-trials tests. A comparative analysis of the effectiveness of the maneuvers.
    • According to IMO Resolution A.601(15), release the necessary documentation on manoeuvring qualities of vessel.
      1. for all new ships to which the requirements of the 1974 SOLAS Convention, as amended, apply, the pilot card should be provided.
      2. for all new ships of 100 meters in length and over, and all new chemical tankers and gas carriers regardless of size, the pilot card, wheelhouse poster and manoeuvring booklet should be provided.


MARINE BRIDGE AND NAVIGATION SYSTEMS LTD has research and development programs :

  1.  «Standard Program and method for definition of manoeuvring characteristics of ships No. АЕМВ.360288.001-ПМ», approved by “Russian Maritime Register of Shipping” , Baltic Branch.
  2.  Computer program «Manoeuvre MNS» adopted by «Federal service  for intellectual property, patents and trademarks»,  Russian Federation dated 11 May 2010 with Certificate No 2010613089.

It is against the law to use above mentioned programs without our permission.
We are based on the following documents:

  • The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS 74 ), as amended
  • IMO Resolution A.601 (15) on 19 November 1987 “ Provision and display of manoeuvring information on board ships”,
  • Resolution  MSC.137(76) ”Standards for ship manoeuvrability”  adopted on 05 December 2002,
  • Circular letter MSC/Circ.1053 “Explanatory notes to the standards for ship manoeuvrability” adopted on 05 December 2002.

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