Project Description

Oil and gas. The company’s projects

The JSC «Marine Bridge and Navigation Systems» for a long time confidently works on the market of the equipment for oil-and-gas complex enterprises. Represented by our firm equipment and services are intended for marine, shelf and continental components of gas-and-oil complex enterprises and infrastructure. Our company realizes the complex supply of the objects of oil-and-gas production activity, shipment, pipe line and transport infrastructure, handle enterprises and fleet by wide spectrum of special equipment. The main direction of activity of company:

  • oil-and-gas shipment equipment;
  • decked and freight devises;
  • radiolocation means;
  • navigation and communication means;
  • systems of tele-supervision CCTV and tele-radio broadcasting (satellite and traditional);
  • life-support systems;
  • fire and gas signalization and fire-extinguishing integrated systems;
  • oil product water pollution control systems and oily bilge water separators;
  • systems of active and passive cathodic protection of constructions and systems of protection of pipe lines from encrustation;
  • energetic installations control systems;
  • complex safety of objects support;
  • integrated bridge systems, MCR control systems.

The partners of our company are acknowledged world leaders in the production of ship and special equipment for the oil-and-gas complex enterprises.

Firs our firm specialized in the delivery of navigation and radio equipment for the vessels. The development of the delivery market of the equipment for the oil-and-gas complex began from rigging of the “Pulkovo”, “ Astrakhan”, “Magas” and “ Kaliningrad” tankers for Lukoil-Arctic company. For this orders were delivered:

  • integrated bridge systems;
  • navigation and communication tools;
  • GMDSS;
  • integrated internal communication;
  • Ship facilities control system, ECS;
  • Deck devises, ETS.

This time JSC “MNS” have the considerable experience in the equipment of the oil-and-gas production activity objects and the providing infrastructure. The sea stationary sleetproof gantry “Prirazlomnoe”, situated in the north part of Pecherskoe sea, is one of the perspective deposits on the arctic shelf. The gantry hasn’t analogs in the complexity of conditions of work and in demands, made on equipment in Russia. The gantry serves one of the most reach developing deposits in present time in Russia.

For SSSG «Prirazlomnoe» (customer JSC “Sevmorneftegas”) was installed the complex of devises for straight oil shipment (KUPON), produced by “ Aker Kvaerner Pusnes ” ( Norway), commissioning will be carried out by the specialists of the company.

To our company belongs one of the main rolls in the equipment of sea stationary sleetproof dock of “The Warandey terminal”, that by right can be considered one of the examples of the complex delivery of equipment (customer JSC “Sevmorneftegas”, contractor JSC “Lukoil – Kaliningradmorneft”, for which was realized delivery and was carried out commissioning of following equipment:

1. Systems of oil shipment “ Aker Kvaerner Pushes ” , that consist of:

  • mooring hoists;
  • mooring-cargo operations control systems;
  • oil shipment hose;
  • catching device;
  • drainage system;
  • hose moving hoists and positioning system;
  • teleobservation system CCTV (produced by Hernis company).

2. Navigation and MCR connection panels, automatic control system and helicopter command post.

3. Satellite tele-radio broadcasting system.

4. Sea aquatory and engine and boiler room telesupervisoring systems (produced by Hernis company).

The need of the presence of FOIROT was caused by shallow depths in the Pecherskaya bay. FOIROT of “The Warandey terminal”, situated on the depth about 20 meters, realizes the reception and accumulation of oil from shore-based terminal and shipment to the shuttle tankers. JSC “MNS” took part in the delivery of the bow cargo-loading device, deck machineries and telemetric systems (production by Aker Kvaerner Pusnes) to the shuttle tankers, building for the largest Russian shipping company “Sovkomflot”.

The geography of the works, carried by specialists of our company, is not limited with service of one field of the arctic shelf only. For the FOIRT “Sakhalin- 1” were delivered the system of oil shipment (production by Aker Kvaerner Pusnes) and the telesupervisoring system (produced by Hernis company).

The objects of gas-extraction, transport infrastructure and gas-condensate station at the fields “Sakhalin- 1” and “Sakhalin- 2” were equipped with the CCTV telesupervisoring systems (produced by Hernis company) by specialists of our company. Including the biggest liquefied gas tankers-“Grand Elena” and “Grand Aniva” 227 m long, 49 m wide and 72 m height will bi transport liquefied natural gas, producing within the framework of the “Sakhalin- 2” project, the largest shareholder of which is “Gasprom”. They charted by operator of project – “ Sakhalin energy” company. JSC “MNS” took part in the delivery of CCTV telesupervisjring systems (produced by Hernis company) for the tankers of PRISCO company, working at those deposits.

From Caspian deposits had begun the development of oil fields in Russia and as of today considerably stocks of the hydrocarbon raw create the favorable conditions for the development of business.

One of the perspective Caspian deposits – im. Kortchagin was equipped with CCTV telesupervisjring systems (produced by Hernis company) – LSP-1, LSP-2 for the future.

JSC “ Marine Bridge and Navigation Systems” has it’s own unique developments in the sphere of objects safety guarantee, including the objects of the see basing and is the permanently operating highly reliable integrated system, built by echelon principle. ИКТСБ – is a situation centre of object integrated control system, provides the simultaneous supervision for the air, surface/ground and underwater conditions, delivery of target destination for the protection division, usage of the unlethal action tools, operative handle of access and control systems, and continuous, steady communication and management of personnel in the extreme situation.

JSC “MNS”, which has been existed for more then 30 years, is the dynamically developing company. The mortgage of successful work of our company is the optimum combination of the constructive partnership with the world leaders in the vessel- and special equipment development sphere and hardware and it’s own design decisions and developments.