Excellent results were shown by the employees of MNS LTD., on November 15, 2020.  

They fulfilled the GTO norm (Ready for Labor and Defense) at the Kirov district stadium “STORM”.

Our team got all tests for strength, endurance, speed and dexterity in the “amateurs” category, demonstrated their brave spirit and met the golden standards of the GTO norm.

It has long been noted that volunteers have one common denominator – commitment. This human quality, active life position and good physical shape, help the employees of MNS LTD. to achieve success in their activities.

The Management of the MNS is carrying out the great work to develop working out and playing sports and to promote a healthy lifestyle among the company’s team. This is already the second passing tests of the standards of GTO in this year. And seven more gold badges will be added to the collection of sports achievements. Awards ceremony is scheduled for February 2021.

And I will remind you that in January 2020, twelve employees of MNS LTD. successfully passed the testing of the All-Russia sports complex GTO and became owners of ten gold and two silver badges.