Under the Company flag of MNS LTD. Dmitry Popov, a CNC programmer of the technical production department made a bike ride of 800 km along the hard-to-reach places of the Altai Mountains.

The idea of ​​Dmitry Popov, to take the MNS flag on a bike trip, was immediately supported by the Company’s Management and Managing Director Konstantin Smirnov personally handed flag to Dmitry.

It should be noted that for Dmitry is a good sportsmen and for him this is not the first bike ride. Before that, there were fascinating bike tours around Europe. But this trip through the Altai Mountains became a real test of his strength and endurance, with a high level of adrenaline, enjoying speed, clean mountain air and amazing nature, which was breathtaking. With fully equipped and a loaded bike, personal belongings, equipment, tent, rounded by new and special smells, sounds and colors Dmitry was full immersion in a new amazing world of almost wild nature.

In total, during the trip our colleague overcame four most difficult mountain passes: Katu-Yaryk, Ulagansky, Chike-Taman, Seminsky.
And now on the most picturesque of them – Katu-Yaryk the Company flag of MNS LTD. is proudly flying.