The team spirit, cohesion, endurance and physical tenacity were demonstrated by the employees of MNS LTD in the Festival of Records of the All-Russian sports complex “Ready for Labor and Defense” (GTO), dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the GTO.

Fifteen persons MNS engineers, designers, workers, programmers, economists and accountants have been the same wavelength with the best athletes of the city and have passed the tests of strength, flexibility, speed and accuracy with dignity, with primed for victory and good results.

On Saturday, December 18 the event took place, at the Athletics Manege sports complex. More than 280 Petersburgers – sportsmen of the GTO Complex highest degrees participated in the competition as part of the picked teams of the districts of St. Petersburg. Our amateurs represented the Kirovsky district of St. Petersburg.

The program of the Festival includes the performance of individual tests of the GTO for the highest result.