Project Description

Automated metocean support system

AMSS «AWOS-MNS» shall provide receipt, processing, recording, displaying and output to the users the following information:

  • Environmental meteorological parameters:apparent wind velocity;
    •         apparent wind direction;
    •         true wind velocity;
    •         true wind direction;
    •         atmospheric pressure;
    •         air temperature;
    •         relative air humidity;
    •         cloud ceiling;
    •         meteorological (optical) visual range.
  • Meteorological data from Earth metrological satellites (EMS) «Meteor» and «NOAA» type in form of images of underlying terrain and cloud cover of the Earth.
  • Facsimile and telegraph data from radio meteorological stations (RMS).

  • Business mission fulfilled

    Business mission fulfilled

    Konstantin Karavashkin, Deputy General Director for Commerce of MNS Ltd., visited the Arab Republic of Egypt as part of a delegation of representatives of domestic industrial companies.ntatives of “MNS” Ltd. took part in “The Arctic […]

  • Happy Birthday “MNS” Ltd.!

    Happy Birthday “MNS” Ltd.!

    Dear colleagues and friends! Dear veterans! Please accept the most sincere and hearty congratulations on the holiday that unites all of us, the 32nd anniversary of “MARINE BRIDGE & NAVIGATION SYSTEMS” Ltd.!

    The present “MNS” Birthday […]

  • In order to achieve common goals

    In order to achieve common goals

    V. G. Dzuba, Deputy Managing Director for Special-purpose machinery of “MNS” Ltd., took part in the general meeting of the Saint Petersburg Research and Development Arctic Cluster.

    The event took place on May, 24, on site […]

  • Showing racquet prowess

    Showing racquet prowess

    “MNS” Ltd team took part in the “CUP SUD-PROM 2023” table tennis tournament.

    Our sportsmen showed complete Racquet prowess and a worth level of play.

    The events took a rapid course. Spectacular serves and powerful counterattacks, instant […]

  • The development of the Russian North was discussed in the Forum

    The development of the Russian North was discussed in the Forum

    Representatives of “MNS” Ltd. took part in “The Arctic and Regions” business forum.

    From April 12 to April 14, 2023, the capital of Pomorie warmly and cordially received guests, representatives of business and expert community. They […]

  • The colourful battles

    The colourful battles

    Last weekend, employees of “MNS” Ltd. took part in a corporate football tournament «IT INDUSTRIAL CUP 2023».

    The audience attention was fastened on colourful battles throughout the tournament. The following corporate teams fought for the main […]

  • <strong>Healthy competitive spirit</strong>

    Healthy competitive spirit

    The players of JSC “MNS” demonstrated a well-coordinated and effective game, sports excitement and the will to win.

    The team of JSC “MNC” took part in the one-day volleyball tournament “PESOK OPEN 2023”.

    A friendly atmosphere and […]