Last weekend, employees of “MNS” Ltd. took part in a corporate football tournament «IT INDUSTRIAL CUP 2023».

The audience attention was fastened on colourful battles throughout the tournament. The following corporate teams fought for the main cup: “MNS”, “N-Systems”, “Electropribor”, “Sber”, “StarLine”, “Supply. Gazprom-neft”, “Gaz-Inform-Service” and “Mir Zhivotnykh” (Animal Life). The tournament turned out bright and emotional, it kept in suspense, and the audience attention was on every touch of the ball.

The teams’ goalkeepers received no less interest, as they managed to demonstrate quite remarkable dexterity and level of excellence.

The event took place on April 8, 2023 at the “Sosnovka Park” Center. The organizer of the tournament was the company “Corporate Petersburg”.