On the 10th of September in our city a professional holiday is celebrated, Industry Day of Saint Petersburg. It is this day that is considered as the date of foundation of the first St. Petersburg enterprise – the Admiralty Shipyards, in 1704. And although this holiday is comparatively recent, as we celebrate it for the seventh time only, it took on a special significance for our city that is the biggest Russian industrial center.

Over September, within the information campaign named “Faces of Saint Petersburg industry”, residents and guests of St. Petersburg can see portraits and photographs of the best representatives of St. Petersburg enterprises on advertising billboards, posters, banners and as pictures in the underground rail cars.

It is delighting that among them there are some photos of “MNS” Ltd. employees.

The initiative to highlight the best enterprises of the city and their employees belongs to the Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovations of St. Petersburg. It’s been working for several years already. “This is our way to thank all those people who create the modern history of industry with their work”, Kirill Soloveichik, Head of the Committee said.