On midday on June 3, 2021, at the Peter and Paul Fortress the ceremonial cannon’s shot launched a series of celebrations events to the anniversary of the MARINE BRIDGE & NAVIGATION SYSTEMS Ltd. 

The honor of firing a shot and announcing to the inhabitants of the Northern Capital at the noon of this day was given to Konstantin Smirnov the General Director of MNS Ltd., Honored Designer of the Russian Federation, PhD.

30 years is manhood age for a company that has a bright history, own traditions and a highly skilled and professional staff of specialists capable of solving the most complicated tasks! The best specialists of the company were honored that day at the St. Petersburg Maritime Assembly and the Chairman, Nikolai Orlov, presented personally commemorative orders and medals to those persons.
Many kind words addressed to the company, its Heads and employees were announced at that day at full dinner, where friends and partners of the company gathered in a cozy hall. Heads of the shipbuilding industry, the leading design teams, and the executives of St. Petersburg City and its districts warmly and cordially congratulated the staff of MNSLtd. “Success and prosperity of MNS Ltd. – from the congratulations of our guests. Their speeches were accompanied by the presentation of gifts, certificates and letters of thanks both to the staff of MNS Ltd. as a whole, and to the separately distinguished employees. For a great contribution to the development of the shipbuilding industry in St. Petersburg and in connection with the 30th anniversary of the founding of the MARINE BRIDGE & NAVIGATION SYSTEMS Ltd., the collective of the company was awarded the Certificate of Appreciation of the Governor of St. Petersburg. In his address, Alexander Beglov expressed confidence that MNS Ltd. would continue keep the lead in the industry and wished all team of the company health, prosperity, prosperity and new labor successes.
The culmination of the holiday was a bright performance by the famous Russian singer Igor Kornelyuk.
Hard work, high skills and efficiency help the company to effectively and efficiently fulfill its obligations. For three decades, MNS Ltd. has been convincingly proving its competitiveness and compliance with the high requirements of the Customers to the products and service.
Making the inaccessible possible, with professionalism and hard work, MARINE BRIDGE & NAVIGATION SYSTEMS Ltd. redounds to the fame of the glory of St. Petersburg – the Sea Capital of Russia.
Happy birthday, MNS Ltd.!