Automated Hydrometeorological Complex «AWOS-MNS» (AMSS)

AWOS-MNS, an automated hydrometeorological complex developed by MNS, is installed on the ARKTICHESKAYA floating drilling rig, INS VIKRAMADITYA Indian aircraft carrier, and other vessels of different types. Knowledge of hydrometeorological conditions is one of the most important factors in ensuring the safety of navigation and aviation.

The system provides hydrometeorological information for ships, drilling rigs and sea-based aviation. AWOS-MNS realizes the following:

  • Display the current data, processing, transmission and storing of hydrometeorological parameters;
  • Receipt, processing and display of hydrometeorological information from meteorological satellites Meteor and NOAA types;
  • Receipt, processing and display of facsimile and telegraph hydrometeorological information from international meteorological centers;
  • Measurement of the parameters of the surface layer of the atmosphere: wind speed and direction, air pressure, temperature and relative humidity, clouds base height, meteorological optical range.

In general the complex can offer all the necessary hydrometeorological information necessary for the navigation and operation of and sea-based aviation.