Project Description

Set of modules for interface conversion

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The unit MANAGER 300 is intended for realization of input/output functions and information processing in different automated control systems, as well as conversion and coupling of different type interfaces.
This set is composed of carrier board with split screw connectors for external connections and mezzanine submodules mounted on it. The carrier board provides control algorithm storage and operating. Each mezzanine submodule is designed for coupling with the definite type of interface.
All modules of the set have diagnostic hardware and/or software, which allow in particular determining specific signaling device or executive unit with reduced resistance of insulation.
There are two modification of the carrier board: for 2 and 5 mounting places for mezzanine submodules. Accordingly for them there are two versions of housing. Nominal supply voltage of the set is 27VDC. The carrier board and submodules provide galvanic isolation up to voltage 1,000V.


There are 10 types of mezzanine submodules for coupling with external interfaces:

1 Mezzanine submodule MCK8 has digital inputs to enter status of 8 digital sensors (27V/25mA)
2 Mezzanine submodule MKH8 has digital outputs to issue commands to 8 actuators with protection from short circuit. It is possible load operation in the mode of pulse width modulation (27V@0.5A simultaneously up to 4 channels)
3 Mezzanine submodule МВВ4 has 4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs
4 Mezzanine submodule МРВ has digital outputs to issue command by 8 non-potential contacts (160V@0.5А)
5 Mezzanine submodule МРС2 is intended to receive/transfer information by 4 or 2 interface lines RS-422 or RS-485
6 Mezzanine submodule МКАН2 is intended to receive/transfer information by 2 interface lines CAN
7 Mezzanine submodule МИП is intended to determine pulse repetition frequency (2 channels – Hz..2KHz/0.1V..50V). It can be used to measure shafts speed including reversing ones.
8 Mezzanine submodule МАП8 is intended to input unitized analog signals +/-10V and +/-20mA by 8 channels with possibility to supply sensors with voltage 24VDC
9 Mezzanine submodule МТИ4 is intended to input signals by 8 channels from thermocouples and resistance thermometer.
10 Mezzanine submodule МАВ8 is intended to output unitized analog signals +/-10V and +/-20mA by 8 channels


Carrier board ПНМИ 5, (LxWxH), mm
Carrier board ПНМИ 2, (LxWxH), mm
Unit in housing, (LxWxH), mm