Project Description

Deployed anchor chain length indicator

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Unit MNS-611 is intended for usage on vessels and ships as the main or additional indicator including and as a part of the Integrated Bridge System (IBS). Unit MNS-611 provides signal reception and processing from synchrotransmitter of mooring/anchor windlass or capstans and deployed anchor chain length indication.

If necessary it can be produced indicator reading program scaling for usage with different types of mooring/anchor windlass or capstans and/or different length chains.

The possibility of information interchange through the standard interface of unit MNS-611 with other units from IBS is provided.


Supply voltage, DC, V from 18 to 36
Supply voltage, AC, V from 85 to 264
AC frequency, Hz from 47 to 440
Power сonsumption, not more, W 7
Total power consumed through sensor circuits, not more, W 1
Indication range, m from 000 to 999
Measurement error, not more, % 1
Indicator height, mm 21
Overall dimensions, mm (width х height х depth) 198х134х91
Weight, not more, kg 3