On June 3, 2022, MNS LTD turned 31 years old. The team celebrated the company’s birthday not only with labor achievements, but also with a festive corporate event – a long-awaited trip to the picturesque shore of Lake Sukhodolskoye.

The Leningrad region welcomed the employees with beautiful nature, air filled with forest aromas and comfortable sunny weather. Everyone could find something to enjoy: active team building, sports competitions, fun contests, hiking trails, cycling along well-groomed forest paths, fishing on the lake, swimming in the pool, visiting a museum and a petting zoo.

The festive lunch began with a solemn congratulation of the team by MNS LTD Managing Director. Konstantin Smirnov summed up the results of the year and presented diplomas, awards and insignia to the company’s best employees.
The day went all in one breath, giving everyone the opportunity to show their talents and left plenty of vivid impressions and joyful emotions.

31 is a mature age for a company that has a bright history, established traditions and a highly professional staff of specialists who can both solve problems of any complexity and have fun!